AI Chat: How to Automatically Build a Marketing Strategy and Boost Sales

Looking for a top-notch marketing specialist who can help you increase your revenue and has all of the information that’s on the internet readily available? Then try out Zeely’s AI chat.

What is Zeely’s AI Chat?

Zeely’s AI chat is a 24/7 personal sales & marketing assistant. It’s a flawless machine for marketing that draws conclusions based solely on analysis and facts.

How Zeely’s AI Chat Can Help Your Business

  • Create convincing product descriptions. When you create your landing page, artificial intelligence generates the descriptions for you. However, you may want to improve them to make the descriptions even more sales-oriented or more aligned with your style. In this case, submit a request to our AI.
  • Generate answers to customer questions. When you receive a question from a customer, you may not have the time or resources to respond to the message yourself. So let AI handle it. You can even create your own database of answers to the frequently asked questions you receive from customers. Simply copy these and send them to the customer.
  • Implement cross-selling. Allow AI to analyze your customers’ behavior and offer them products or services that they are most likely to buy.
  • Get a consultation. If warm customers rarely respond to your emails or calls, or if they don’t want to leave feedback about your service, consult AI chat.
  • Collect ideas. Use AI to find creative ways to sell your product or service and come up with fresh ideas on how to present your products. The key is to be precise in your requests.

How to Use Zeely’s AI Chat Effectively

To find your assistant, go to the AI Hub and click on AI chat in the upper right corner.

Here are some tips on how to use it effectively:

  • Treat it like a human being. Your request should sound personal:

❌Use social media to increase sales.

✅How can I use social media to increase sales?

  • Tell it about the specifics of your business.

❌What photos do customers in the beauty industry like to see?

✅What photos should a nail salon use on its landing page to encourage users to buy?

  • Give AI examples and templates to work with.

❌Write a slogan for a restaurant.

✅Write a McDonald’s-style slogan for my homestyle restaurant.

  • Correct AI errors or inappropriate responses to make it work better.

✅ You: Generate a 5-sentence description for the dog-walking service YourPet. 

AI: YourPet is a premier dog-walking service that puts your furry friend’s well-being at the forefront. With a team of experienced and passionate dog lovers, YourPet offers personalized walks tailored to your dog’s needs. YourPet skilled walkers engage in stimulating exercises and provide socialization opportunities.

You: Don’t use the brand name so often. Use synonyms.

When it comes to marketing, Zeely’s AI chat is an extremely effective tool. It gives you clear and concise answers, and you’ll get ready-made customized content without having to read tons of articles or spend hours surfing the internet to learn about marketing.