How to Launch Online Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram can draw visitors to your landing page and provide a flow of leads and real customers. 

Millions of people are scrolling through their Facebook and Instagram feeds right now. Your potential customers are definitely among them. All you need to do to reach them is use effective sales-oriented ads. Let’s build them together on your phone in just 4 steps with Zeely Ads.

What You Need to Know About Zeely Ads

Zeely Ads is a tool that allows you to automatically run high-converting and lead-driven Facebook and Instagram ads from the Zeely app on your phone.

Zeely will help you:

  • launch a lead-driven advertising campaign in a few steps on Facebook or Instagram without business accounts;
  • verify your business. We are an official Meta partner, so you can verify your business with our simplified system;
  • avoid ad blocking as much as possible (which is a common problem when you launch ads on social media directly, especially for newcomers in advertising).

How to Launch an Ad Campaign from Your Phone

To get started, open the Zeely app > Go to the Promotion tab > Сlick Launch an ad campaign.

In just four steps you will be publishing a high-converting ad.

Step 1. Add a link to your landing page

We recommend adding a link to Zeely’s landing page because they are built to generate traffic from ads and be highly converting. You can also track ad performance analytics through Zeely.

If you add a site with a domain other than “”, you will not be able to track customers in the Zeely app. 

Step 2. Build an Ad Creative

Next, you need to build a high-converting ad creative that will drive traffic to your website. You have two options:

  1. Generate one with AI. AI will create lead-attracting ad creatives tailored to your business. You can edit them if necessary. If you want more ad variations, click on Regenerate.
  2. Generate your own:
  • Choose any template;
  • Add an engaging, eye-catching photo;
  • Generate or write a Primary text and Headline. You have a maximum of 3 seconds to grab users’ attention. Make sure your text is catchy, bold, and engaging;
  • Add a CTA button from the list. Tell the user what to do: Order now, Subscribe, Buy, etc. This will increase the likelihood that they will interact with your ad. 

You have now created an ad. It will simultaneously be posted on Facebook and Instagram in stories and posts. No additional settings are required.

Step 3. Choose a location. 

Choose one city or several. For example, New York and Boston. You can also select a state (Texas) or the entire country, such as USA

Step 4. Set a budget

You are almost done. The only thing left to decide is how long you want to run your ad for and what you want your advertising budget to be:

  1. Specify the duration of the campaign. You can run ads for a maximum of 30 days. After that, you have the option to extend it. This will help you save money from being wasted if you forget to turn off ads.  
  2. Set the advertising budget per day. With no authentication, a new user can spend a maximum of $10 per day for ads. If you want to run ads with a larger budget, please contact the support team. You will need to fill out a verification form, and after that, you will be able to set larger budgets.
  3. Top up your balance with a debit or credit card.

Zeely charges a 10% fee from your ad campaign budget. This helps us to run effective ads for you and to keep your business from any inconveniences in the process of running ads.   

When Will Your Ad Be Launched?

There are three stages of launching ads:

  • Review. This is when Facebook checks your ad for compliance with its rules. This usually takes anywhere from several minutes to several hours.
  • Rejected. This happens if Facebook has rejected the ad. This could be, for example, due to a violation of community rules. If you disagree with the decision and are sure that your ad meets Facebook’s requirements, send a request to the support team through the Send a request button.
  • Active. The ad is published and is being shown to potential customers.

As soon as the ad is live, Zeely will display statistics: the amount spent, Reach, Impressions, CPM (Cost Per Mille), CTR (click-through rate), unique link clicks, CPC (Cost Per Click), etc.

During the first few days, your ad may be “learning”. This means that Facebook determines the most optimal way to show your ad to achieve the best results at the lowest cost. That’s why the results during the first or second day may differ from the later days.

You can pause an ad campaign at any time. However, we do not recommend activating and deactivating it frequently, as this may affect the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Keep an eye on the statistics and use these to make decisions about your further advertising strategies.

Congratulations! Your first high-converting mobile advertising campaign is ready. Keep rocking!