Analytics: How to Track Visitors

As soon as you launch your landing page, Zeely starts tracking its performance. You want to know how many unique users visited your site on a certain day, right? And you definitely care about how successful your ad campaign is.Great! Zeely collects this data and presents it to you in a brief, user-friendly format. Click on Promotion and dive into the statistics. You can find this at the top of the screen.

Analytics is a tool that allows you to track the performance of your website and ad campaigns. It helps you find out:

  • how many people have viewed your ads
  • how many unique visitors you had visit your website
  • how many requests you received through the lead form

Take a close look at this data and determine which ad strategies work best for your business.

For example, if advertising on Instagram brings you the most leads, then it is likely that this social network has a lot of your potential customers. The better you process incoming requests, the more chances you have to sell your product or service. Contact the client, identify their needs, and build a relationship with them. 

The effectiveness of ads on different platforms will vary. It depends on which social network your potential customers are using. Keep this in mind to optimize your advertising budget.

Imagine this: your Instagram ad brought you 100 requests and only 2 customers, while Facebook ads brought you 50 requests and 10 customers. Obviously, the Facebook campaign was more profitable, so you’ll want to run ads on this platform more often.

If you want to receive more requests, increase your activity. Run more ads and test them on different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google), intensify content marketing, engage in SMM, add a link to your site in the bio on your social media pages, etc.

How to Use a CRM System

If you’re looking to streamline your sales and client management processes, a CRM system is the solution. A CRM system is a tool that helps you track customer interactions, monitor sales progress, and improve communication with clients.

We’ve added a built-in CRM system to Zeely to make customer and sales management easy and convenient. Click the Clients button in the lower right corner of the Zeely app to access it.

Let’s get you started using Zeely’s CRM system with the tips below. 

Receive requests from potential customers

Your landing page contains several lead forms. These are the fields where a potential customer leaves a request for your service or product.

To leave a request, a customer provides his name, phone number, and email. As soon as he clicks “send,” it will be displayed in your CRM system. You’ll find the request in the section New.

Your CRM system can store an unlimited number of requests so can start building your customer base right on your phone.

Build relationships with each client

Every incoming request should be processed. This means that you should:

  1. Open the request.
  2. Contact the client. Call or send an email directly from the app.
  3. Note the results of the communication:
  • like the request if the contact was successful, and you want to save this client’s data. Do this by swiping across the screen;
  • add a note if you need to save some information about the customer or set a reminder;
  • delete the request if the customer submitted it by mistake or if he is clearly not interested in your service or product.

Create customer groups

When you start receiving requests, you can put them in groups in order to have quick and convenient access to the right customers.

All requests with likes are placed in a separate list. If necessary, divide them into separate folders, for example, “Wholesale customers”, “Thinking about the offer”, etc.

Of course, you can filter requests by date, popularity, or name and search within the request list.

How can you attract even more customers?

Your AI-powered landing page is highly converting by default. It’s built to generate as many customers as possible as quickly as possible. However, you can improve your sales performance if you follow these extra steps:

  • Motivate landing page visitors to leave requests. The lead form should contain a call to action or a promise of benefit. For example: “10% off if you submit a request right now!”
  • Keep in touch with customers. Sending newsletters with new products or individual offers is a classic but still relevant option.
  • Promote your business in every possible way. Do you have a social media page? Put a link to your social media accounts in your bio. Do you participate in public events? Offer visitors a discount on your services or products.

An AI-powered sales-oriented landing page brings you customers, and the built-in CRM system allows you to easily manage sales through your phone. Now sit back, relax and enjoy; running your business is now easy and stress-free. 

Creative Builder: make a sales-oriented ad creative

In order to attract more customers, you need to be active online and promote your business on social media. There is a target audience for any and all businesses out there from jewelry shops to laundromats. So, let’s build you an effective advertisement for your business.

The Creative Builder is an AI-powered tool for creating sales-oriented ad creatives for high conversion rates. Based on them, AI generates creatives for your business in one click right on your phone. You can edit them, save them, publish them, etc. Zeely’s templates are sales-oriented, meaning they are designed with the behavior of online consumers in mind. AI knows what colors attract users, where their eyes are drawn when scrolling, and in which order users will consume information about your business.

To create an ad creative:

  1. Go to the Promotion section and click on Creative Builder.
  2. Select the type of advertising. Instagram Stories, for example.
  3. Choose an ad design that matches the mood, theme, and style of your business. 
  • The ad format is customized to meet the requirements of every social media platform and Google, so all images and text will be adjusted according to the type of post.
  • You can change the photo and text on the creative. The design (arrangement of elements) and color scheme will remain unchanged.
  1. Add your photo. To crop it, click the Crop button. To change the scale, select the Scale button and move the slider. To replace or delete a photo, click on the pencil.
  1. Add text. Write your own text or use artificial intelligence to generate new text. The quality of its generation depends on how accurately you describe your idea.

What can you do with your creatives besides launching an advertising campaign? Here are some ideas:

  • use it for posting on stories
  • tweet it out
  • publish it in posts on your feed

Customer cases

Take a look at the ad creatives our users have crafted for different social media platforms. The result is even more inspiring than the visuals!

With AI, you can easily achieve good results too.

Creating captivating ad content is crucial for a winning marketing strategy. Keep in mind that experimentation is key to your triumph. By testing various ad creatives, you can identify the ones that excel in capturing attention and driving results.