Ad creatives: How to build high-selling visuals for your online ads

Hey there, 

In today’s dynamic market, for businesses to consistently grow sales month-over-month, a special emphasis on online ads, particularly ad creatives, is paramount. Whether you’re operating a quaint jewelry shop or a bustling laundromat, most of your customers are likely to be online.

The success of your advertising campaigns is 70% dependent on the creative quality.

In an environment full of competition, the only way to capture the attention of your ready-to-buy customers is to produce banners that not only attract but also resonate deeply with your target audience.

These types of creatives are already driving significant sales for those using them, all achieved through AI-powered efficiency in just a few seconds.

With Zeely, you can:

  • Generate high-conversion creatives with AI in one click;
  • Use only proven templates based on 100k+ best Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns;
  • Track analytics in the app and get insights from AI about what content you should use to get the best results.

Let’s jump into this guide and explore how Zeely can empower you to craft high-performing advertisements.

Getting Started

So, you’re here because you want to outperform your competitors, excite potential clients with ads that drive sales, and, well, just give your business that little bit of a push that it needs. 

When you launch the Zeely app, you’ll see tailored ad creatives that are pre-generated and fully customized to your company’s specific profile. These creatives are ready for immediate use, allowing you to kickstart your campaign. 

Alternatively, if you want to create completely new and personalized ads, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Launch the Zeely app, and instantly access three AI-generated ad templates customized during onboarding.

Step 2: Click on the ´Creatives´ Tab on the navigational bar at the bottom.

Step 3: Select a pre-designed template suited to your brand and audience.

Step 4: Employ filters to narrow down your template options. Sort by popularity, highest RCM, or highest CTR, and explore specific categories like product showcases or before/after transformations to best suit your campaign’s goals.

Step 5: Utilize AI to generate content in one click. If preferred, manually add specific images and text. Complete the primary text, description, and a clear call to action. You can personalize further by clicking the green sparkle icon on the top right to write your own prompt, and AI will generate the best result.

Keep in mind each template is refined using insights from a 1 billion dollar ad budget, ensuring top-notch performance and conversions.

Editing and Customizing Creatives

Now that you’ve picked your template, it’s time to add your personal flair. This is where you can tweak the ad to show your brand’s personality best:

Step 1: Modify text and images to match your brand’s voice. Elements are AI-placed for optimal impact, but customization is available.

Step 2: Choose from a format depending on which platform you want to publish on.

Step 3: Activate ‘Make with AI’ for automatic creative generation. Input a prompt for AI-generated text tailored to enhance performance metrics.

Finalizing and Managing Creatives 

Satisfied with your one-of-a-kind creative? Here’s how to bring it all home:

Step 1: Launch your ad in one click with Zeely and see immediate results. Choose to ‘Save’ for later if needed. Activating your ad through Zeely grants access to AI insights for enhanced profitability and allows real-time performance tracking, all within our app. 

Step 2: Analyze Performance: Access performance metrics like total spend, clicks, and CTR by tapping on the running ad.

Step 3: Manage Your Ad: Use options to rename, share, promote, or delete your ad. Ensure your campaign remains flexible and efficient.

Step 4: Direct Posting: Utilize Zeely’s functionality to post your ad directly through the app, streamlining the process from creation to publication.

And there you have it! With Zeely, you’re not just creating ads; you’re crafting a digital presence that’s uniquely yours. From intuitive template selection to AI-powered customization, every step is designed to make your advertising journey as smooth and successful as possible. Remember, in the world of online marketing, your creativity is your greatest asset. Use the tool!

Zeely Cancel Subscription: How to manage your subscription

We understand that situations change, and you might be thinking about whether to continue your subscription or trial. It’s worth taking a moment to consider the exclusive benefits of AI, online ads on social media, and creatives you have right now and what it might mean to let them go. 

But before you make your final decision, we’d like to remind you of the different subscription options we offer. There might be a plan that fits your changing needs better, allowing you to keep enjoying the great features you’ve come to appreciate. Our main aim is to keep you satisfied and successful, whether that’s by adjusting your current plan to match your new situation or helping you through the cancellation process if that’s what you decide.

How to Change Your Subscription Plan:

  1. Open the Zeely app.
  2. Tap ‘Other’ in the lower right corner.
  3. Select ‘Manage Subscription’.
  4. Choose ‘Change Plan’ at the bottom.
  5. Review plan options: Plus (mid-tier, most popular), Growth (premium, includes all the features), or Starter (budget-friendly).
  6. Confirm your new plan selection.
  7. Changes will apply at the start of the next billing cycle.

If You Subscribed via iOS or Android App:

The respective App Store manages the cancellation process for subscriptions made through the iOS or Android app.

For Android Users:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Payments and subscriptions.”
  4. Tap on “Subscriptions,” then locate and select the subscription for the app.
  5. Follow the instructions to cancel your subscription.

For additional help, please visit Google Help Center’s guide – Play Store Cancel Subscription.

For IOS Users:

  1. Navigate to your iPhone’s Settings.
  2. Tap on your name and select “Subscriptions.”
  3. Locate and select the subscription for the app.
  4. Scroll down and tap “Cancel Subscription.”

For more detailed instructions, visit Apple’s Support page – App Store Cancel Subscription.

If You Subscribed via the Website:

For those who have initiated their journey with Zeely through the web, here’s how you can navigate the cancelation process, whether you’re in a trial period or have an active subscription.

  1. Open the Zeely app.
  2. Tap, ‘Other ’ in the lower right corner.
  3. Tap ‘Manage Subscription’.
  4. Click ‘Change Plan’ at the bottom.
  5. Consider changing your plan (Plus, Growth, Starter)
  6. On the next screen, select ‘Cancel Subscription’ at the bottom.
  7. Provide feedback for service improvement.
  8. For urgent queries or concerns, submit them through our high-priority form. 
  9. Confirm cancellation if you’re sure about your decision.

Note: If you cancel your subscription during an active trial period, the remaining days of the trial will be annulled.

We want to make your experience as effortless as possible, even when it comes time to part ways. If you have any issues or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at –

Thank you for being a valuable member of our community; we hope to serve you again in the future.

How to Launch Online Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram can draw visitors to your landing page and provide a flow of leads and real customers. 

Millions of people are scrolling through their Facebook and Instagram feeds right now. Your potential customers are definitely among them. All you need to do to reach them is use effective sales-oriented ads. Let’s build them together on your phone in just 4 steps with Zeely Ads.

What You Need to Know About Zeely Ads

Zeely Ads is a tool that allows you to automatically run high-converting and lead-driven Facebook and Instagram ads from the Zeely app on your phone.

Zeely will help you:

  • launch a lead-driven advertising campaign in a few steps on Facebook or Instagram without business accounts;
  • verify your business. We are an official Meta partner, so you can verify your business with our simplified system;
  • avoid ad blocking as much as possible (which is a common problem when you launch ads on social media directly, especially for newcomers in advertising).

How to Launch an Ad Campaign from Your Phone

To get started, open the Zeely app > Go to the Promotion tab > Сlick Launch an ad campaign.

In just four steps you will be publishing a high-converting ad.

Step 1. Add a link to your landing page

We recommend adding a link to Zeely’s landing page because they are built to generate traffic from ads and be highly converting. You can also track ad performance analytics through Zeely.

If you add a site with a domain other than “”, you will not be able to track customers in the Zeely app. 

Step 2. Build an Ad Creative

Next, you need to build a high-converting ad creative that will drive traffic to your website. You have two options:

  1. Generate one with AI. AI will create lead-attracting ad creatives tailored to your business. You can edit them if necessary. If you want more ad variations, click on Regenerate.
  2. Generate your own:
  • Choose any template;
  • Add an engaging, eye-catching photo;
  • Generate or write a Primary text and Headline. You have a maximum of 3 seconds to grab users’ attention. Make sure your text is catchy, bold, and engaging;
  • Add a CTA button from the list. Tell the user what to do: Order now, Subscribe, Buy, etc. This will increase the likelihood that they will interact with your ad. 

You have now created an ad. It will simultaneously be posted on Facebook and Instagram in stories and posts. No additional settings are required.

Step 3. Choose a location. 

Choose one city or several. For example, New York and Boston. You can also select a state (Texas) or the entire country, such as USA

Step 4. Set a budget

You are almost done. The only thing left to decide is how long you want to run your ad for and what you want your advertising budget to be:

  1. Specify the duration of the campaign. You can run ads for a maximum of 30 days. After that, you have the option to extend it. This will help you save money from being wasted if you forget to turn off ads.  
  2. Set the advertising budget per day. With no authentication, a new user can spend a maximum of $10 per day for ads. If you want to run ads with a larger budget, please contact the support team. You will need to fill out a verification form, and after that, you will be able to set larger budgets.
  3. Top up your balance with a debit or credit card.

Zeely charges a 10% fee from your ad campaign budget. This helps us to run effective ads for you and to keep your business from any inconveniences in the process of running ads.   

When Will Your Ad Be Launched?

There are three stages of launching ads:

  • Review. This is when Facebook checks your ad for compliance with its rules. This usually takes anywhere from several minutes to several hours.
  • Rejected. This happens if Facebook has rejected the ad. This could be, for example, due to a violation of community rules. If you disagree with the decision and are sure that your ad meets Facebook’s requirements, send a request to the support team through the Send a request button.
  • Active. The ad is published and is being shown to potential customers.

As soon as the ad is live, Zeely will display statistics: the amount spent, Reach, Impressions, CPM (Cost Per Mille), CTR (click-through rate), unique link clicks, CPC (Cost Per Click), etc.

During the first few days, your ad may be “learning”. This means that Facebook determines the most optimal way to show your ad to achieve the best results at the lowest cost. That’s why the results during the first or second day may differ from the later days.

You can pause an ad campaign at any time. However, we do not recommend activating and deactivating it frequently, as this may affect the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Keep an eye on the statistics and use these to make decisions about your further advertising strategies.

Congratulations! Your first high-converting mobile advertising campaign is ready. Keep rocking!

AI Chat: How to Automatically Build a Marketing Strategy and Boost Sales

Looking for a top-notch marketing specialist who can help you increase your revenue and has all of the information that’s on the internet readily available? Then try out Zeely’s AI chat.

What is Zeely’s AI Chat?

Zeely’s AI chat is a 24/7 personal sales & marketing assistant. It’s a flawless machine for marketing that draws conclusions based solely on analysis and facts.

How Zeely’s AI Chat Can Help Your Business

  • Create convincing product descriptions. When you create your landing page, artificial intelligence generates the descriptions for you. However, you may want to improve them to make the descriptions even more sales-oriented or more aligned with your style. In this case, submit a request to our AI.
  • Generate answers to customer questions. When you receive a question from a customer, you may not have the time or resources to respond to the message yourself. So let AI handle it. You can even create your own database of answers to the frequently asked questions you receive from customers. Simply copy these and send them to the customer.
  • Implement cross-selling. Allow AI to analyze your customers’ behavior and offer them products or services that they are most likely to buy.
  • Get a consultation. If warm customers rarely respond to your emails or calls, or if they don’t want to leave feedback about your service, consult AI chat.
  • Collect ideas. Use AI to find creative ways to sell your product or service and come up with fresh ideas on how to present your products. The key is to be precise in your requests.

How to Use Zeely’s AI Chat Effectively

To find your assistant, go to the AI Hub and click on AI chat in the upper right corner.

Here are some tips on how to use it effectively:

  • Treat it like a human being. Your request should sound personal:

❌Use social media to increase sales.

✅How can I use social media to increase sales?

  • Tell it about the specifics of your business.

❌What photos do customers in the beauty industry like to see?

✅What photos should a nail salon use on its landing page to encourage users to buy?

  • Give AI examples and templates to work with.

❌Write a slogan for a restaurant.

✅Write a McDonald’s-style slogan for my homestyle restaurant.

  • Correct AI errors or inappropriate responses to make it work better.

✅ You: Generate a 5-sentence description for the dog-walking service YourPet. 

AI: YourPet is a premier dog-walking service that puts your furry friend’s well-being at the forefront. With a team of experienced and passionate dog lovers, YourPet offers personalized walks tailored to your dog’s needs. YourPet skilled walkers engage in stimulating exercises and provide socialization opportunities.

You: Don’t use the brand name so often. Use synonyms.

When it comes to marketing, Zeely’s AI chat is an extremely effective tool. It gives you clear and concise answers, and you’ll get ready-made customized content without having to read tons of articles or spend hours surfing the internet to learn about marketing. 

AI Hub: Automatically Create Sales Strategies and Content

Business development and growth require planning. In marketing, this is called a strategy. It makes sure that every step the company takes brings it closer to its goals. Usually, strategies are created by marketers, content creators, analysts, or other specialists.

Luckily, you can create strategies all on your own with Zeely’s AI Hub without specialists or prior experience.

What is Zeely’s AI Hub?

Zeely’s AI Hub is an in-app personal marketer that:

  • generates strategies (marketing, communication, video, sales);
  • creates content for communication with clients;
  • builds content plans and posts, etc.

In short, the AI Hub performs dozens of tasks that would normally take hours to complete manually. AI will help you increase the number of customers, grow your sales, and simplify numerous operational processes.

How to Customize AI for Your Business

Zeely’s AI adapts to the specifics of your business and offers customized solutions. First, make sure AI has the correct information about your business. Go to AI Hub — AI settings and check these fields:

  • Direction (what do you sell: products or services?)
  • Business area (accounting services, roof repair, etc.). It’s okay if your business area is not in the drop-down list. Simply add your own. 
  • Company location
  • Company name

AI will use this information and the information on your site to offer you relevant solutions.

How to Create Sales Strategies and Content with the AI Hub

The most challenging part of working with AI is writing relevant text to guide the technology to produce the content you’re looking for. With Zeely’s AI, you don’t have to do that. You simply select the service and click the button. The material will then be generated automatically.

Zeely’s AI works as a marketer, brand manager, analyst, copywriter, scriptwriter, etc. Here’s how it can help you.

Implement Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is all social media activities aimed at selling your products or services: writing engaging posts, creating sales-oriented stories, building promotional materials, etc.

With the AI Hub you can generate posts or content plans for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter all in one click. Simply copy and paste the generated text onto your page.

Develop Performance Marketing

This is a marketing and advertising concept in which the business pays only for measurable actions: for example, per click or per visit to a website. The AI Hub will help:

  • generate keywords for Google Ads: these are words that people enter in the Google search bar when searching for a product or service (example: “buy premium coffee”). Use these in your ads to make them more likely to reach the target audience.
  • create full-fledged ad materials for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter, etc.

Create Marketing Strategies 

Your marketing strategies are ways to sell goods or services more efficiently. For this, you need to:

  • Get to know your customers: you will receive a report on who your customers are, what they care about, and what problems they face.
  • Research the market. AI will conduct an in-depth analysis of your market, including your competitors, and suggest new ways to stand out. 
  • Create marketing hooks. You will get viral hooks, USPs, and offers that will allow you to attract a potential buyer and make a sale.
  • Find channels for promotion. AI will select the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) that will give you the best advertising results.

Engage in Video Marketing

Some directors say that the hardest part of making a movie is writing a good script. With Zeely’s AI, you won’t have to worry about that. AI will generate great sales-oriented scripts for your YouTube, TikTok, or ad videos.

Start Text Marketing

You need to keep in touch with your customers: thank them for their purchase, send promotional materials, and notify them of upcoming sales. AI will speed up the process of creating this content and generate a sales-oriented email or message in one click.

Create Sales Strategies

The sales process is, to a certain extent, a script: with the help of leading questions, you create a path that guides the customer to purchase. AI will help you create such materials in one click.

  • Create a sales script for your first call to a new customer
  • Generate your first message to a new customer that encourages them to interact with your business.

All the texts, strategies, and content you generate can be edited to fit your vision, so feel free to experiment. The generated materials will be stored in the My History folder. You can return to them and use them at any time.

Using the AI hub will save you dozens of working hours. You will easily create clear strategies that will bring you closer to your goal, all without the help (and cost) of a marketer. Be sure to track the results and effectiveness of your strategies using analytics tools. This way, you can choose the most effective strategies for your business.

Analytics: How to Track Visitors

As soon as you launch your landing page, Zeely starts tracking its performance. You want to know how many unique users visited your site on a certain day, right? And you definitely care about how successful your ad campaign is.Great! Zeely collects this data and presents it to you in a brief, user-friendly format. Click on Promotion and dive into the statistics. You can find this at the top of the screen.

Analytics is a tool that allows you to track the performance of your website and ad campaigns. It helps you find out:

  • how many people have viewed your ads
  • how many unique visitors you had visit your website
  • how many requests you received through the lead form

Take a close look at this data and determine which ad strategies work best for your business.

For example, if advertising on Instagram brings you the most leads, then it is likely that this social network has a lot of your potential customers. The better you process incoming requests, the more chances you have to sell your product or service. Contact the client, identify their needs, and build a relationship with them. 

The effectiveness of ads on different platforms will vary. It depends on which social network your potential customers are using. Keep this in mind to optimize your advertising budget.

Imagine this: your Instagram ad brought you 100 requests and only 2 customers, while Facebook ads brought you 50 requests and 10 customers. Obviously, the Facebook campaign was more profitable, so you’ll want to run ads on this platform more often.

If you want to receive more requests, increase your activity. Run more ads and test them on different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google), intensify content marketing, engage in SMM, add a link to your site in the bio on your social media pages, etc.

How to Use a CRM System

If you’re looking to streamline your sales and client management processes, a CRM system is the solution. A CRM system is a tool that helps you track customer interactions, monitor sales progress, and improve communication with clients.

We’ve added a built-in CRM system to Zeely to make customer and sales management easy and convenient. Click the Clients button in the lower right corner of the Zeely app to access it.

Let’s get you started using Zeely’s CRM system with the tips below. 

Receive requests from potential customers

Your landing page contains several lead forms. These are the fields where a potential customer leaves a request for your service or product.

To leave a request, a customer provides his name, phone number, and email. As soon as he clicks “send,” it will be displayed in your CRM system. You’ll find the request in the section New.

Your CRM system can store an unlimited number of requests so can start building your customer base right on your phone.

Build relationships with each client

Every incoming request should be processed. This means that you should:

  1. Open the request.
  2. Contact the client. Call or send an email directly from the app.
  3. Note the results of the communication:
  • like the request if the contact was successful, and you want to save this client’s data. Do this by swiping across the screen;
  • add a note if you need to save some information about the customer or set a reminder;
  • delete the request if the customer submitted it by mistake or if he is clearly not interested in your service or product.

Create customer groups

When you start receiving requests, you can put them in groups in order to have quick and convenient access to the right customers.

All requests with likes are placed in a separate list. If necessary, divide them into separate folders, for example, “Wholesale customers”, “Thinking about the offer”, etc.

Of course, you can filter requests by date, popularity, or name and search within the request list.

How can you attract even more customers?

Your AI-powered landing page is highly converting by default. It’s built to generate as many customers as possible as quickly as possible. However, you can improve your sales performance if you follow these extra steps:

  • Motivate landing page visitors to leave requests. The lead form should contain a call to action or a promise of benefit. For example: “10% off if you submit a request right now!”
  • Keep in touch with customers. Sending newsletters with new products or individual offers is a classic but still relevant option.
  • Promote your business in every possible way. Do you have a social media page? Put a link to your social media accounts in your bio. Do you participate in public events? Offer visitors a discount on your services or products.

An AI-powered sales-oriented landing page brings you customers, and the built-in CRM system allows you to easily manage sales through your phone. Now sit back, relax and enjoy; running your business is now easy and stress-free. 

Creative Builder: make a sales-oriented ad creative

In order to attract more customers, you need to be active online and promote your business on social media. There is a target audience for any and all businesses out there from jewelry shops to laundromats. So, let’s build you an effective advertisement for your business.

The Creative Builder is an AI-powered tool for creating sales-oriented ad creatives for high conversion rates. Based on them, AI generates creatives for your business in one click right on your phone. You can edit them, save them, publish them, etc. Zeely’s templates are sales-oriented, meaning they are designed with the behavior of online consumers in mind. AI knows what colors attract users, where their eyes are drawn when scrolling, and in which order users will consume information about your business.

To create an ad creative:

  1. Go to the Promotion section and click on Creative Builder.
  2. Select the type of advertising. Instagram Stories, for example.
  3. Choose an ad design that matches the mood, theme, and style of your business. 
  • The ad format is customized to meet the requirements of every social media platform and Google, so all images and text will be adjusted according to the type of post.
  • You can change the photo and text on the creative. The design (arrangement of elements) and color scheme will remain unchanged.
  1. Add your photo. To crop it, click the Crop button. To change the scale, select the Scale button and move the slider. To replace or delete a photo, click on the pencil.
  1. Add text. Write your own text or use artificial intelligence to generate new text. The quality of its generation depends on how accurately you describe your idea.

What can you do with your creatives besides launching an advertising campaign? Here are some ideas:

  • use it for posting on stories
  • tweet it out
  • publish it in posts on your feed

Customer cases

Take a look at the ad creatives our users have crafted for different social media platforms. The result is even more inspiring than the visuals!

With AI, you can easily achieve good results too.

Creating captivating ad content is crucial for a winning marketing strategy. Keep in mind that experimentation is key to your triumph. By testing various ad creatives, you can identify the ones that excel in capturing attention and driving results.

Getting started with Zeely

Before you start

We are excited that you have joined! We will help you increase your sales with easy-to-use tools and create a sales-oriented package for your business. This guide will walk you through the basic steps to create a business website and start selling online in minutes. Once you sign up and make your website, you can run ads on it and grow your income.

Now, let’s jump in!

Step 1: Sign up

You can sign up or log in to on your desktop or by using the app for iOS or Android. All you need is an email address.

To create a new account with iOS:

  1. Download for iOS.
  2. Once the app is installed, tap to open it.
  3. Tap Start to sign up.
  4. Take a quick questionnaire to adjust your website settings to your business.
  5. Add your name and create a password.
  6. Your account is ready!

To create a new account with Android:

  1. Download for Android.
  2. Once the app is installed, tap to open it.
  3. Tap Start to sign up.
  4. Take a quick questionnaire to adjust your website settings to your business.
  5. Add your name and create a password.
  6. Your account is ready!

Step 2: Set up a web address

Keep your website address simple and memorable, using as few characters as possible. It is best to use the name of your company or brand as a domain name. This will help people to find you when looking for your company as well as improve your position in online search results. If you cannot mention the company’s name, use the type of activity. If your company name is too complex or lengthy, use abbreviations.

Great examples of domain names:


Step 3: Choose a template

We have prepared unique sales-oriented templates with high conversion rates to help you increase sales and sell more efficiently. You can change the design of your site in the main menu with one click, and the content will be transferred automatically.

Step 4: Add business information

At this stage, you need to add information about your company. Use the “Generate option” button to get ready-made texts.

Try to fill in the maximum number of sections of the site so that clients can learn more about your company. Remember, more information = more sales.

Include key phrases such as: low prices, fast deadlines and excellent results.

1. Title:

Make your company stand out by including a unique sales offer in the website’s title. Often in the description, our users identify what client problem their company solves. For example:

  • Tired of mopping daily? Order a robot vacuum cleaner from our store at a promotional price of $299.99.

Or about what results the client will receive:

  • Get a ready-made design project in 7 days, thanks to experienced specialists.

Or at what price and for what duration the company performs services:

  • Get a quality manicure in 59 minutes for only $9.99 with guaranteed satisfaction.

Titles compiled using 4U technology (usefulness, urgency, ultra specificity, uniqueness) have a good conversion.

Save (usefulness) 15% (ultra specificity) on the cost the cost of an apartment in January (urgency) by buying at the construction stage (uniqueness).

For example:

  • In 5 days, we will glaze your apartment’s balcony.
  • We will change the oil filter in your car in 30 minutes with a 6-month warranty.
  • Speak Italian at A1 level after 6 lessons using the author’s method.

2. Description

Tell us more about your company and its strengths, or share your great deals. Think about what might interest clients and how your business can help them. Here you can tell more about your company:

  • The Mirror Space company assembles mirrors from high-quality moisture-resistant materials with a 10-year warranty.

You can also add competitive advantages to the description:

  • “CleanUp” is the first service with a cleaning subscription. We will clean and organize your apartment at a price 25% below the market price.

Or information about your discounts and special offers:

  • Buy a premium brazier today for only $197.99. Place a request in the form below.

Don’t forget to include calls to action such as:

  • Please fill out the form below to stay updated with our discounts and updates.
  • Sign up for a manicure and get a hand massage as a gift.
  • Order high-quality video editing and get the finished result in 7 days at a bargain price.

3. Cover

This is the first thing a user will see on your website. The cover is on the home page and communicates what your company does, illustrating the product’s unique value. The cover can be a stylish photo, a simple color, an illustration or gradient.

Successful covers of our users:

It’s best to use an image that describes your business or shows your products.

4. Special Bonus

Offer a discount or a gift that the customer will receive upon purchase. By adding a “Special Bonus”, you will be able to collect customer requests as well as their contact details.

Examples of unique bonuses that generate sales:

  • Get $25 off your first ride.
  • Get 20% off your first dental visit.
  • Get a coupon for a 30-minute telephone consultation.
  • Place an order now and get a brazier installation as a gift.

If your company is not ready to offer something as a gift, then you can package the habitual action into a unique offer and encourage a person to contact your company:

  • Get a free quote from experts.
  • Call us now and get your first consultation for free.
  • Fill out this form right now and we will send you our entire catalog.

5. Offers

Now it’s time to add products to your store. With you can sell physical or digital products, services and anything in between. On a Free plan you can sell up to 6 items.

Examples of offers from our users’ websites:

Add some of your offers, briefly describe them and indicate the cost. Don’t forget to attach a photo with each offer; this will make your site more complete and help the client to get to know your company better.

6. About the company

Add information about your company to this section: specify the address, contact details, work schedule and a logo or company photo so that customers remember your company better.

Let us know what your company does, how many years it has been on the market, what technologies it uses, and other exciting information.

For example:

  • Legalife is a German law firm providing business law services to companies and individuals with over 20 years of experience.
  • EcoBar is one of the leading companies actively developing the organic movement in Mexico. Guaranteed safety, impeccable quality and exclusively natural composition.

Don’t forget to include as much contact information as possible and attach social media links. With this information, your customers will be able to learn about your offers from several channels.

Select the photo or picture that best describes your company. The image must have excellent quality to present your company at the highest level.

Examples of designing the section “About the company”:

7. Advantages

Highlight the strengths that make your company truly unique. Properly formulated advantages will help you stand out from the competition and increase the number of sales. You can add to the benefits: extensive work experience, favorable prices, fast delivery, well-known partners, etc.

For example:

  • Warranty for all wooden doors and windows up to 10 years.
  • More than 6000 satisfied customers in Ukraine.
  • Our prices are 10% below market prices with the possibility of installments.
  • Our specialists have been working in this field for 7 years.
  • Convenient and fast delivery to anywhere in the city.
  • Own production from quality materials.
  • We work directly, without intermediaries.
  • Exchange and return for purchased goods.

8. Team

Tell us about your employees and their positions, and if possible, attach links to their social networks. This section will show clients that there are real people behind your company, which will significantly increase their level of trust!

Use portrait photos in good light and high quality. This is how your team will look on your website:

Add photos of employees to this section and tell us what they do.

9. How it works

Create a short guide on how to get started with your company. Specify the steps that the customer must go through to place an order. Add here the rules they should follow when placing an order or tell us about what to expect when working with your company.

Examples of what to include in your “How it works” section:

  1. Leave your contact details and our manager will call you back
  2. Ask our manager questions and get all the necessary information
  3. Flexible and precise appointment dates and times available

10. FAQ

How will your clients ask questions? In a chat, by phone, email or in person? Prepare answers to your client’s questions in advance to facilitate communication.

Tell us about the communication features with your company and how it works. This section of the site will also reduce the burden of your support team. Sample questions:

  • Can I ask for a refund?

Sure, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchasing.

  • Do you ship?

Yes, we ship orders to any NYC address from 10 am to 8 pm.

  • Where can I find tax information?

On our Taxes page. You can receive more detailed information by calling.

Step 5: Add photos and videos

The way your site looks and how it makes its first impression largely depends on the quality of the images.

Your images should visualize the activities of your company. For example, your company is engaged in the construction of garages. In the “Photos and Videos” section, you can add photos of finished garages, building processes or drawings.

According to our statistics, photographs that depict people work best. Therefore, if your business is beauty services, be sure to upload photos of satisfied clients with new hairstyles, manicures, etc.

Examples of the “Photos and Videos” section from our users:

Remember that photos should be authentic and relatable, so choose the most realistic ones even if you are looking for them on photo stocks.

Step 6: Check the website before launching

When everything is ready, the last step before launching is to check how your website works for clients. Here’s what you can do to make sure your page runs smoothly:

  1. Do an overall review: check the whole design and navigation. Make sure that pictures and descriptions match items and that contact information is correct. If you spot a mistake, you can quickly fix it. The new information will be saved instantly.
  2. Place a few dummy requests in “Special Bonus” or “Offers” to test the checkout flow. During the tests, pay attention if you receive all these requests right in your CRM system. If you’re sure you’ve set it up correctly, but you’re still not receiving notifications, contact support.

It’s always good to pay attention to detail and get a second opinion. Ask a friend or colleague to look over your website and give you feedback. Support here!

That’s it! Everything works perfectly. Now it’s time to make your first sale!